Project Solution PT Aquafarm

We researched already a lot about the PT. Aquafarm Nusantara at Lake Toba. This company is in the ownership of the Swiss Regal Springs Holding AG. They operate in Indonesia, in Honduras, in Venezuela and in the moment they are on the way to built aqua farms with a yearly capacity of 100.000 tons in Brasil

What we already have done:

  • We made an intense water testing around
  • We visited with our team the area
  • We took place in several meetings of the Heath and Tourism Ministry about this theme
  • We analyzed the structure of the Regal Springs Holding AG
  • We researched all about the ASC-Certification
  • We tried to meet the Owner of the Aquafarm Rudi Lamprecht
  • We invited him again and we installed an open  continuuing  letter (OCL) to him

To get more background Information also you can look at this Youtube Video from Alex Crampton:

More Information about the project to change the Aquafarm you find here and soon we will publish a full dossier here